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From a recipe passed down through generations of Sherpas.

Chai is a mixture of exotic spices, herbs and tea. It requires patience, concentration and experienced touch to make it more tasteful. However, Chai recipes are often family secrets passed down through generations each with their own twist. Invented by Pemba’s mother, she had passed the Chai recipe on to him which was served by the gallon every day. The taste and aroma of Chai became more famous and loved by everyone in no time. Everyone had started talking about it and, soon, many restaurants had also started serving this special Chai to people.

In 2013, Pemba decided to explore his territory and share his family’s recipe more widely and recognized by the whole world. Then, he found a partner - Jacob Dana with whom he could rely upon and start his business journey. This way, they both worked hard together and turned out the efforts into success by making Sherpa’s Chai into Sherpa Chai™. He is now proud to be the first indigenous Sherpa to offer this timeless beverage to you and your family.

Jangbu Sherpa who has summited Mt. Everest ten times without the aid of supplemental oxygen, remarked that at each camp on the way to the top there was a hot mug of this same family recipe waiting to keep spirits high and climbers warm. Lakhpa Sherpa, another Everest summiteer drinks Sherpa Chai every morning before heading to work at Sherpa's Restaurant.

Since than Sherpa Chai has embarked its name in the beverage industry. A hot cup of chai sends journeyers off and welcomes travelers home. It's a daily drink, but also holds a spot on the table next to Roxi and Chang during the various celebrations and festivals that occur throughout the year in Nepal. As chai is an essential beverage for millions in Asia, it is quickly becoming a staple in this country as well. In the US, iced chai is a refreshing beverage after a long hike, a grueling day at school, or non-stop meetings at work. Grab a mug, grab some friends and sit back and enjoy some Sherpa Chai!

Nanga Parbat is pictured on our label and is the ninth highest mountain in the world, known locally as “Killer Mountain.”

Jonny Copp, a close friend of Pemba’s, was an amazing mountaineer, filmmaker, and activist.

Tragically, Jonny was killed in an avalanche in China in 2009. In his honor, our label is an adaptation of a photo Jonny took on Nanga Parbat to honor his memory, his legacy of community-building, and his adventurous spirit.

Our label was created by the Sherpa Chai team with the professional support of Moxie Sozo, an award winning global design company based out of Boulder, CO.